EKG Technician Program Online

Price: $1,299.00


The On-Line EKG Technician Program teaches the skills needed to pursue an entry level position in the EKG field.  Program

includes learning anatomy of the heart, EKG strip analysis, Basic EKG interpretations, and 12-lead EKGs (interpretation and

troubleshooting).  Students have up to 6 months to complete the self-directed program.  Textbooks are mailed to the student’s


Note:  This program meets the necessary requirements to take the ASPT – Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician national

certification exam.   The cost for the national exam ($90) is not included in the fee. 

You may enroll in and start the On-Line Programs at any time.

There are no refunds offered for the On-Line Programs.

For information, please call 256-306-2515 or email Diane Peck at Diane.Peck@calhoun.edu