Veterinary Assistant Program

The 100-hour Veterinary Assistant Program teaches the skills needed to pursue an entry- level position in the Veterinary Assistant field. Program includes veterinary medical terminology, assisting with dental procedures, ethics and law in the veterinary office, assisting with procedure, IV and fluid therapy, pharmacology, understanding animal behavior, bathing and exercising animal, and billing and collection procedures.  This program does not include a national certification as part of its overall objectives. Students who successfully pass the 100-hour program may elect to participate in the optional 40-hour externship to gain hands on experience in a Veterinarian’s office. Textbooks are included in the class fee and are handed out during class. 

Clinical Externship: Upon successful completion of this Veterinary Assistant program, you will be eligible to participate in a 40 hour clinical externship with a local provider.  You may be asked to submit to a thorough background check, drug screening and meet other requirements.