Basic Electric for Advanced Manufacturing Technicians

Price: $100.00


This course is designed to increase the basic electrical knowledge required to work effectively in an advanced manufacturing facility, including automobiles, automobile parts, firearms, and related industries.  Participants will improve their understanding of the following topics:

  • Electric Motor Control
  • Manual Motor Control and Overload Protection
  • Control Transformers
  • Control Ladder Logic
  • Control Relays and Motor Starters
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reversing Motor Control
  • Automatic Input Devices
  •  Basic Timer Control: On-Delay and Off-Delay
  • Basic Electrical Circuits
  • Electrical Measurements$100
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Inductance and Capacitance
  • Combination Circuits
  • Transformers
  • Basic Electrical Circuits
  • Electrical Measurements
  • Circuit Analysis
  • Combination Circuits
  • Transformers
  • Introduction to Electrical Wiring
  • Residential Wiring System Components
  • Service Connection and Circuit Protection